Campus Profile

Campus Profile

Universitas Muhammadiyah Lamongan

Established in 2005, STIKES Muhammadiyah Lamongan (Muhammadiyah Health Science College of Lamongan) & STIE Muhammadiyah Paciran (Muhammadiyah Economic Science College of Paciran) since the declaration in the Decree of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia Number 880/ KPT/ I/ 2018 dated the 12thOctober 2018 have merged into:

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Lamongan, East Java Province, Indonesia. 1 hour from Surabaya, capital of East Java Province. 2 hours from Juanda International Airport
Campus I : Jalan Raya Plalangan Plosowahyu KM 032Lamongan
Campus II : Jalan Raya No 155 Paciran Lamongan


Faculty of Health Science
  • Nursing(bachelor)
  • Nursing (professionalprogram)
  • Midwifery(diploma)
  • Pharmacy (bachelor)
  • Pharmacy(diploma)
  • Physiotherapy(diploma)
  • Hospital Administration (bachelor)
Faculty of Economics & Business
  • Accounting (bachelor)
  • Management (bachelor)
  • Syari’ah Economics (bachelor)
Faculty of Science Technology and Education
  • Biology (bachelor)
  • Physics (bachelor)
  • ComputerEngineering (bachelor)
  • Elementary School Teacher Education (bachelor)


Representative, classrooms, Integrated, Counseling, ervices, Internet, Library, Sports, field and Student’s activity unit

lab umla
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Fundamentals nursing
  • Emergency nursing
  • Medical surgical nursing
  • Maternity nursing
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Community nursing
  • Mental health nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Languagecenter
  • Computer
  • Biology
  • etc

To become an Innovative, Professional, and Islamic University

  1. Innovative.
    The term innovative means to have graduates who have the ability to think critically and create new and functional science and technology in the industrial and medical fields for human needs.
  2. Professional
    The term professional means to have graduates who have the competence in accordance with their professions in science, attitude and skill as well as holding moral values that leads to good deeds.
  3. Islamic
    The term Islamic means to have graduates who have integrity, uphold the Islamic values and care for the prosperity of the society and the change of every aspects of life in the community.


  1. To organize a qualified education with Islamic moral values.
  2. To conduct innovative research for the development of science, technology, medic, and human needs.
  3. To conduct community-based health services.
  4. To share the basic of the religion for the development of science, technology and art, as well as to foster the Iman and taqwa for committing good deeds and avoiding bad deeds.
  5. To build the confidence and develop the collaboration with other parties to increase the quality of the University
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